Littorinas on the Littoral

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This is a story of Russian biological stations of the White and Barents Sea since the 1880s till present.


To the best of my knowledge I've described all past and present research stations of the White and Barents sea, and tried not to miss any significant figures. The greatest value, in my opinion, are numerous interviews with researchers, organizers, technicians, students who participated in developing the network of these stations, and also old archives and photos that that haven't been published before.


The author has been gathering materials presented here since 1998.  A MacArthur Foundation grant allowed the author  to carry out this work with greater speed and intensity. The active part of the project was complete in 2005 but materials that come to my attention are still added.


Littorinas on the Littoral is available on-line and in the form of a CD. Publication in paper form is presently considered.


English summaries of parts of the project are being worked on. Let me know if you are interested in a certain subject and I'll try to speak up the work to make them available in English.


This work includes the information about all the former and present stations of the White and Barents Seas that the author knows. Besides, the information about the young  biologists separate expeditions is in the work. The CD-disk consists of more than 100 rare sources, approximately 900 photos (from the 1880s till nowadays), the accounts of the different biological stations activities (from the 1920s) told by the some tens of the eye-witnesses. The material concerning each station or expedition is united into the separate section. Each section consists of a reference, a popular article in detail, bibliography and original sources. To have access to a section that you are interested in you should use the MAP showing the geographical positions of the stations or you can do it with the DREVO (or the TREE) displaying the chronological disposition and related ties between the stations and expeditions. The list of the sources in alphabetical order is given in THE BIBLIOGRAPHY. The INDEX includes short information about the scientific workers who brought the considerable contribution in the biological stations activities.


The research about the history of the Northern biological stations requires continuing. At present the author are looking for the opportunity of financing for publishing the English version. I will appreciate any observations about my work and for the suggestions for developing this project. In particular, financial input would allow me to speed up the work to make English summaries and whole translations available.


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